Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Run,Run as fast as u can.you cant catch me im the....super mom?

WELCOME one and all to the craziness i love to call my life!Im a wife,mom,cook, house keeper and diaper changer extrodinare among many other things.Some days i wish i could grow a few extra arms so that i could get just a few more things done.On a normal day u will find me at home taking care of my 2 beautiful daughters Stella and Lyla.
And as you can see they are pretty close in age.To be exact they are 1 1/2 years apart which makes life pretty interesting.Some days im so tired i cant even see straight but i know that this is all gods plan for Paul and I lives.Stella my oldest is very independent.She feeds,entertains herself and goes to bed all on her own.At 2 months old she was already tring to sit up by herself which pretty much set the stage for where she is now.She loves to run,climb and jump on EVERYTHING!some days it takes 2 people just to keep up with her energy level which never seems to deplete.And now that there is a new baby in the house,Lyla,mommy and daddy are extra tired.and i do mean tired......most days we both look and feel like this.....
Yup,that picture pretty much speaks for itself.It seems like my daughters always like to keep us guessing.Most days they like to eat,poop and cry at the same time which makes having only 2 hands and one brain a little difficult.This is where the whole having a few extra arms would he helpful.But what they dont like to do at the same time is sleep.argggg-the one thing that mommy needs the most of these days is in very short supply.When one falls asleep the other wakes up and vice versa.
Most days i feel like a single mom because my husband works so much so that i can be home with the girls.Some work weeks are 6 days and are from 8 in the morning to 10 or later at night.No, thats not a typo,he really does work that hard and has been doing it for 7 years now.He is so dedicated to providing for his girls.And when hes home he helps sooo much.I dont know how he does it honestly.He truely is my hero.I beleive that a statue should be erected in his honor and there should be a national holiday devoted just to him.Not only is he a hard worker but he is a great father and even better husband.As hectic as are lives are seperatly,me being at home with the kids and him working 2 jobs,we still get to have some great alone time together.Thankfully both our families are very close by and will babysit when we need to have a moment to ourselves.Hopefully i will back to work in the very near future.I LOVE TO WORK and have for a very long time.It has all ways given me a sense of accomplishment.Not that motherhood doesnt make me feel accomplished but alot of times i feel like im not able to get a whole lot done when tending to 2 little ones needs.Dont get me wrong,being a mother is a full time job just in itself and i have soo much respect for stay at home mothers around the world.But this little momma wants to provide for her family too even if Paul protests a little.Ive got to be honest-being a parent is hard,very very hard.How the heck do familes with more then 2 kids keep there sanity?Children are wonderful,funny and so much fun but holy moly they are alot of work.Nothing or no one can ever perpare you for how stressful life can be at times.As stressful as it can be, it is amazing and fulfilling.For me i find it wonderful to watch my daughters grow,learn and take in new enviroments around them.And i am so honored that god would bestow such a special gift to us.And even though life may seem like a blurrrrrr right now i know that this is right were im supposed to be.